Friday, May 11, 2012

Self bound receiving blanket

What is a receiving blanket? Something used to receive a newborn baby from the labour room staff - in one of the most exciting moments in the life of the new dad, siblings and grandparents waiting eagerly outside.  So you need something nice looking ; not that anyone will notice anything but the new baby …

This is an easy and quick project, any number of tutorials are available online. I think I used the one from My blanket consists of one layer of white cotton  flannel and an outer layer of floral cotton, size approx 34" and 44" respectively. The process simply involves sewing together the pieces right sides together leaving a small gap for turning inside out. The corners are mitered before turning inside out. One blogger recommended checking the shape of the corners before cutting off excess fabric just to make sure. Very sound advice.  Then iron the fabric flat and sew the gap closed  to get a beautiful bordered blanket. This would be a very nice gift for an expectant family.

I also added a decorative stitch which closed the gap in addition to providing a designer touch :) .

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