Saturday, October 27, 2012


I took the shortall pattern from one step further and modified it extensively , back and front , to make a pair of overalls.  Back details are copied from a readymade denim overall design.

Unfortunately after all that work, it turns out they are too tight in the crotch region so the little fellow cannot wear them. They have been consigned to storage until little sister is old enough for them. Just as well, says big brother, the floral pattern was too sissy for  a boy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Capucine' newborn baby top

This top is inspired by the 'Capucine' top from a French pattern company called  Citronille. A very dear friend got me three of their patterns called Rose, Guillemette and 
Dorothee , but they are rather large for my 3.2 kg newborn ( anyway they start at 3mo size!) . 

I liked the look of the Capucine top on their website, so I drafted a pattern based on a simple A-line pattern, newborn size.  I drew up the instructions for future reference.  If anyone would like more details I will try to take pictures when I make this top again.