Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom-made shirts again

More shirts with the Jalie 2111 pattern - they like having matching shirts. I use the 12 year and the 2 year sizes with the shoulders taken in  and sleeves shortened to fit  ( the pattern is rather generous in those areas).

Quilt from recycled fabrics

This is a quilt , baby sized ( 100x80cm) that I made  a few months ago. I am proud to say that it is completely recycled - the only new thing about it is the sewing thread used.  The patchwork is all scraps left over from kurtas made using my favorite fabric, block pinted hand loom cotton. There are also a few plain cottons in there. The yellow solid blocks are an old kurta cut up, and the backing and binding are likewise   fabric pieces left over from dressmaking.
The batting was, believe it or not, a pair of old XXL Hanes fleece jogging pants cut up and stitched together to get a 85x110cm piece of flannel , which was the original inspiration for making this quilt; I had to hide the ugliness of the grey flannel somehow!

I quilted the patchwork squares using a free motion stippled design, my first attempt at this technique, and it turned out pretty good, I think! The pink square was quilted by my 12 year old son, always an extremely interested spectator and contributor of ideas to my sewing projects.

Better pictures of my scrap quilt ( after I decided to stipple quilt the whole thing - I had previously left out the solid yellow squares) . My quilt photography could be improved, I agree. The random diamond embroidery on two of the yellow squares is from the sleeves of my recycled kurta.

Mom-made shirts

We have been wearing a lot of mom-made shirts recently - ever since a kind cousin in Canada bought us a  sewing pattern for men's shirts in 22 sizes ( Jalie 2111) . Here are two of them.